Quality assurance China

Quality assurance

Quality assurance China

Quality is not set in stone, and can be interpreted as material properties (chemical / mechanical), look, material structure, dimensions and even delivery time. This makes every customer and every product unique. 

LKL Staal LLC maps out the desired quality with its customers, and secures it, so that costs of rejection and inspection can be reduced. 100% even!

In the video below you will get an impression of the LKL Wuxi quality departments:

LKL Wuxi (China) inspects products in the specified (customer specific) manner and removes the requirement of quality control by the customer.

LKL Wuxi has a fully equipped material laboratory, where independent from the factories, the following inspections can be performed:
- Chemical material analysis
- Mechanical material analysis
- Material structure analysis
- Magnetic particle inspection

Waste is reduced, reliability of delivery and customer satisfaction increase. One of the key points of policy within the LKL Group.




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